Aluminium or uPVC –Making the Right Choice for You

Should you choose aluminium frames for your new windows (or doors), or is uPVC a better option? It’s not constantly an uncomplicated choice, so you’ll require to think about the following when picking the very best product for your home.


For many individuals, price is the overriding concern when making a huge purchase like this. And on that front, uPVC frames are a clear winner; a cheap and economical product, they’ll set you back around half of the cost of aluminium frames.

Thermal performance

Thermal efficiency is the level to which your window frames can keep the heat locked into your house. The less heat you lose through the windows, the more you’ll minimize your heating expenses. More efficient frames will likewise keep you comfortable, particularly throughout the cooler months. Both aluminium and uPVC can offer exceptional thermal efficiency.


How good will your brand-new window frames look? Will they suit the design and look of your home? While modern-day uPVC frames are available in a range of colours or, if you choose, sensible wood impacts, they can’t measure up to the slimness and flexibility of aluminium. If visual appeal is your primary concern, aluminium is the likely choice for you.


It is necessary to consider how your window frames will fare versus the weather condition, and what will be their likely lifespan. uPVC windows are strong and tough, and could last you as long as 20 years in the right conditions; however, aluminium is a remarkable product that will withstand for a lot longer. In particular, if you live in a seaside area at the grace of the elements, aluminium is absolutely the ideal choice for you.


Will you need to invest much time caring for your window frames? Are they vulnerable to wear and tear? uPVC window frames are notoriously low-maintenance; all that they need is the odd wipe-down with a damp fabric, and they’ll be good as brand-new. Aluminium requires a little bit more TLC, however a month-to-month tidy and a routine check is all you’ll need to commit to.


Many people, not surprisingly, stress most about the security of their windows and doors. If a strong and safe window frame is your leading priority, aluminium is the product you’re after. There’s no stronger compound to protect your windows and keep your home safe. UPVC window frames come a close second; so if your spending plan does not rather stretch to aluminium, it’s a good, solid second choice.

Environmental considerations

Your choice of product will have an influence on the environment– however which has better green qualifications? One aspect we considered above is thermal efficiency; this is best considered on an individual basis by inspecting the u-value of your frames. Your windows’ anticipated life-span is another consideration; longer-lasting frames will have a smaller sized effect on the environment because they will not require replacing so soon.

Think about what will occur to your frames once they do require changing. While it is possible to recycle uPVC, aluminium is definitely much easier to melt down and re-use. On the whole, aluminium triumphs on the ecological front.

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