Repairing surface damage to glass windows, doors and conservatories

Surface area damage to glass can be repaired, making this a practical alternative to replacement in certain circumstances.

Damage to the surface area of glass in windows, doors and conservatories can hinder its visual quality, performance and appearance.

While in many cases it might be essential to change broken glass, in lots of circumstances surface area damage to glass around the home can be fixed by a glass repair work expert.

Typical reasons for surface damage to glass


These can be caused by difficult or sharp items either accidentally or maliciously used and may result in failure if left neglected.


This may be engraved into the surface or applied utilising paint or indelible ink which, if eliminated improperly, could harm the glass surface area.

Airborne contamination

Organic materials (such as bird droppings) and inorganic materials (such as roadway film), or a combination of the two, might have an abrasive effect on the glass surface triggering a drop in visual quality.

Structure contamination

This could happen as a result of structure run-off or sealant leakage which has a subsequent result on the glass surface.

How surface damage is repaired

The process of repair involves the removal of a minimal amount of the glass surface in order to rectify the problem, without hindering the visual quality.

In many cases the seriousness of the surface damage might make repair unwise– this would typically be encouraged during the initial study.

In remarkable scenarios an unacceptable level of distortion might just become obvious during or after treatment. In these instances replacement would be encouraged.

When to fix and when to replace?

In a lot of cases, changing the broken glass in a window, door or conservatory might be the most affordable option.

However, there will be situations where a replacement would be much more pricey than repair work, e.g. a big landing window. In these cases, having the surface area damage repaired can be a time saving and cost effective solution.

If you are unsure whether to fix glass or replace it, talk to a glass repair work specialist who will survey the damage and use a quote.

It deserves keeping in mind that the ecological effect of repair is substantially less than that of replacement.

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