Just how old is double glazing?

If you have actually every questioned just how old double glazing is then you may have an interest in this article. Today the term Double Glazing is synonymous with low-cost, shoddy, replica windows that have blighted our housing stock. Because of this devastation appreciated authorities such as Historic Scotland, Historic England and various local planning departments consider Double Glazing, to be an improper, modern-day development, predestined to harm the aesthetic appeals of delicate buildings.

Well you might be surprised to find out that whilst the exceptional homes of glass have been understood for centuries, we can now celebrate over 150 years of sealed systems. The term double glazing was developed when Thomas D Stetson in August 1865 patented the perfect that 2 sheets of glass separated just with a wood stick and tar, would substantially increase the heat of a room and reduce the heat loss by 50%.

Double Glazing is principally, 2 sheets of glass held adjacent to each other but separated by a spacer and sealed around the boundary to prevent moisture permeating inside the cavity of air or nowadays gas. Remarkably checking out the patent the factors for the his innovation then are similar as those that exist today, because.

” it has actually long been understood that doubling or trebling the glass has the effect of really significantly retarding the escape of heat from homes and also of deadening the noise due to movements in the streets”.

It seems from reading the patent that he acknowledges others had previously identified the exact same advantages that two sheets of glass offered, however they were not signed up with as one unit (his development). Additionally he knew that making a sealed unit “off site” would permit glass to be cleaned better and the unit produced with far better consistency than formerly seen.

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